Review of the Best B2B E-Commerce Websites

It is natural to look at what other companies are doing to gather the best b2b e-commerce websites and even replicate what they are doing.  While you search Google and Twitter, ask these questions:

  • What are examples of great B2B E-Commerce websites?
  • Why did they choose to do what they did?
  • What kind of ROI did they benefit from?
  • Who is innovating in our space?

What are the top companies focused on?

These great B2B e-commerce websites have a number of things in common.

  • From Grainger to Office Max, they are investing heavily into their customer experience.
  • They have large complex catalogs, and are focused on getting their customers to the right product in as few clicks as possible.
  • Their product content is rich and detailed, and improving everyday.
  • Their account management features are enabling their customers to become more and more efficient.  They understand the “Secret to B2B E-Commerce
  • These site exhibit the best of  B2B E-Commerce Best Practices.

While these sites are great, they are also constantly changings.

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Best B2B E-Commerce Websites

I started with the low hanging fruit.  Just great b2b e-commerce sites overall. All are in either Office Supplies or Industrial Supply (MRO), but each have something unique to offer you as you look to great examples of B2B e-commerce.

Want more?  Reach out to me and I can help you find an example in your industry.

quill-com-logo is owned by Staples. is actually the #2 e-commerce site in the world only surpassed by  While Staples sells about 80% to B2B, the site is intentionally built for B2B e-commerce.

Quill executes flawlessly on all of the B2B and B2C best practices.  They have complex products

They have focused on taxonomy, guided navigation, and search to make this a fantastic site.

I like how Quill merchandises as you hover over a category on their home page. Then as you go deeper into their site, they use product attributes to enable the customer to filter the search results.

Want more?  Check out my comprehensive review of QUILL.COM

Ferguson is my current favorite in the B2B eCommerce space. They employ all of the best practices, and they have even innovated. First of all, they have B2B AND B2C.

Starting with their home page, you can clearly see a difference between Ferguson and the other B2B eCommerce sites. The home page is beautifully done with a modern yet professional look and feel. They are clearly focused on the intersection of great content and great products.  Checkout their focus on content marketing


They clearly are marketing to businesses in their niche.


As you mouseover the navigation on the top, you get fantastic flyover mega menus.  In addition, the type ahead shows great matches of products AND content.


The product detail pages are clean and fresh.  Ferguson uses great imagery and detailed attributes to assure their “buyer” that they are buying the right product.  The merchandising team has done a fantastic job of creating collections and related products.


In addition to fantastic search, navigation, and product pages, Ferguson includes numerous content pages to answer common customer questions


Parting from my normal eCommerce focus, Ferguson also does a fantastic job building their social profile.  Of course, they use Facebook and Twitter, but their YouTube channel shows rich video on all types of topics.


The Ferguson Pinterest page shows a different side with rich imagery and countless boards available for all types of applications.



Grainger was one of the first big B2B e-commerce sites in the U.S. Most hail the site as one of the best (if not THE best) B2B e-commerce site out there.  Grainger is No. 13 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, which ranks companies on the annual web sales. Internet Retailer reports that for the full year 2013, e-commerce sales accounted for $3.11 billion out of total sales of $9.44 billion, as e-commerce sales grew 16.0% and total sales grew 5.5%% over 2012.  That is 33% of the companies total revenues flowing through their e-commerce site.


Starting with SEO, Grainger executes very well on their long tail search. Search for something like “marson fastener rivets” on Google, and comes up consistently in the first couple results. When you click on the link it as if you navigated on to fasteners | rivets | marson.
Grainger has long been admired for how they deliver search and navigation across their millions of products. The search box enables the customer to type in any word, description, part number, and model number among others.  Navigation and Search are very much tied together so that you can search then navigate, or navigate then search. They also use a mega menu style type ahead for merchandising while searching.


The product detail pages improved dramatically over the last 12 months.  Rich product descriptions, ad-hoc product availability, technical specs and image zoom highlight the product detail page.  Attributes like contract pricing, manufacturing model, shipping weight, country of origin, and application represent the B2B business.
Further down the page, related products and products other customer have purchase are displayed

What gets really interesting about the product detail page is the use of tables showing variants of the product. This hammer drill has 4 different variations, and it is easy to compare the differences between products to make sure you are selecting exactly what you are looking for.

One customer who uses the site said this

[…]Easy to navigate, organized browsing (alphabetically by part or application), and secure checkout, has everything you’d expect from a professional and efficient site. Shipping is fast thanks to locations in several states and packing lists accurately reflect the items you have purchased. When you need it, need it right, and need it soon, use It’s a site you can count on.

And that’s just a small snapshot of the great features of  They are all about giving their customers the tools to make their job easier.


MSC Industrial is one of my favorite sites. MSC Industrial Supply is one of the largest direct marketers and premier distributors of Metalworking and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (“MRO”) supplies to industrial customers throughout the United States. MSC employs one of the industry’s largest sales forces and distributes over 500,000 industrial products from over 2000 suppliers to over 300,000 customers. During Q2 of 2014, E-commerce rose dramatically at about 26% to $309.59 million from $244.45 million a year earlier.

They have spent a tremendous amount of time on customer experience and optimizing their site for their customer base. Searching is extremely robust, and they have recently moved to a visual catalog navigation like Fastenal and McMaster. Like the Grainger example above, MSC employs most of the B2B customer experience best practices.


I love when typing in part numbers into their search box, type ahead matches to MSC numbers, competitor numbers, and manufacturing numbers for easy cross reference searching. Check out the type ahead below.
The refinements and guided navigation options are crazy good and detailed.  Check out this experience with the level of refinements and product facets available.


Long considered a standard in B2B e-commerce, McMaster features visual navigation and lightening fast response on all pages. Outside of providing a great experience, one of my favorite parts of the site is the inline add to cart and the responsive message you get after adding to cart. It tells you where it will ship from and that you still can get it shipped today.



Over the past 47 years, Fastenal has grown from a small-town fastener shop, to a thriving regional business, to North America’s largest fastener distributor, to the world’s most efficient supplier of OEM, MRO, and construction products.
Like McMaster, Fastenal has a product centric and visual home page. The imagery is centered on the products and categories, directing customers directly into their catalog. Great search and very rich and detail refinements in navigation. Instead of vertical navigation and refinements, they have instituted horizontal refinements in order to maximize the screen.


Fastenal displays their navigators horizontally, and like the others above, their facets are very detailed. Engineers to find this type of navigation (seen below) very intuitive to use.
Fastenal is a great example of a b2b e-commerce website.


Since starting in 1927, Carolina Biological Supply Company has grown to become a leading supplier of science teaching materials. Today, from our headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina, we serve customers worldwide, including teachers, professors, home-school educators, and professionals in health and science-related fields.

Carolina is not what you think of when you think B2B E-Commerce, and yet they embody all of the B2B best practices.  Their talented digital / e-commerce staff has continuously improved the user experience making it easy for customers to do their job. All of the most-used features are all one click away on the top right corner: My Account, Service, Lists, Quick Order and the Cart.
Searching brings back both merchandised products and resources like how-to documents, videos and multimedia.


Carolina segments their customers and gives them a different experience based on that segment.  For example, an elementary school buyer gets this home page.

Meanwhile, a college buyer gets this home page

Another way Carolina personalizes the experience is by providing pre-configured shopping lists created by their on-staff scientists and educators.  With one click, institutional users can fill their carts with everything they need for a particular area of study.

In addition, has punchout with Ariba, SciQuest, ESM and many more.



Medline is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies in the United States, providing more than 350,000 products that serve the entire continuum of care.

When you visit for the first time they ask you “Select your area of interest” or in other words self-segment yourself by your industry self segment

If you are a logged in user, they automatically know your segment, and pull that information in automatically.  Your segment affects the type of information and experience that you have.

For example, if I am segmented as a nursing home, the home page and content on the home page changes with content relevant to nursing home care.  When I search for “drapes” you get what you and I would expect are typical drapes or curtains – see below.

However, when I change my segment to a Surgery center and search for drapes, I get completely different search results – drapes meant for surgical work. Below
Personalization for the sake of personalization is not effective.  Segmentation and personalization should be used enable you to serve your customers more relevant and timely content.

More Great B2B E-Commerce Sites

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This is Chapter 3 in The Guide To B2B E-Commerce. If this is your first visit, consider checking out the guide next.
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